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     Location & Resources: Each project begins with our land partners.  With proper land use planning and new technologies, we can work to preserve the long term value while building new energy resources.


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     For developers looking to grow through partnerships; we bring our extensive experience in project development to resolve contracting, engineering and financial concerns.  



     With a global asset portfolio, we develop a varied project base to meet the risk and return targets of our investors.  With a 16 year history and extensive structured finance background we work to craft solutions to meet our investor and project finance needs.

Community Focused


     With our end goal in mind of creating a cleaner society we begin with a community centered model.  Through direct engagement with individuals and local government we insure all stakeholders have a voice.  Our projects are built around brining communities with varied goals together to achieve results not possible separately.

Team Support


     Our geographic & skills based organization model allows us to implement support teams that reach across the geography and skill sets.  From dedicated project managers through engineers our team is extensively cross trained to allow individuals the skills to take ownership across a project lifecycle.

Real Time Reporting

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     Our integrated suite of development reporting tools allows our partners access to real time updates during development and the critical construction phases.

     Once engaged, we work with each of our partners to craft individual reporting plans customized to the amount and timeliness of information they need.

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