Incubating Energy Solutions

Building A Clean Economy

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Direct Benefits to  Our Communities

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Developing & operating energy infrastructure projects leading to the  distribution of renewable energy, water access  and carbon neutral hydrogen fuel.




Years of development experience

Serving the full lifecycle of development from concept, contracting and financing through construction and operations.



gigawatts of built assets

Powering over 1.52 million homes while preventing over 11,000 Tonnes of CO2 emissions.  13 GW under development with over 1 GW contracted.


new jobs created

Empowering lives by creating living wage jobs in development, construction and operations that directly impact the local economy .

Get Involved


     Working to make your goals a reality our partnerships with landowners & developers form the foundation for project success.


Make Energy Your Passion

     From engineers to farmers it's our people that bring us 16 years of continued success . Our ongoing training and development programs insure your career success as well.

Invest in A Global future

     Presenting investors varied financing methods to support the growth of clean energy. Working with individuals, funds & lenders to realize infrastructure returns.