Incubating Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy

Utility & Commercial Scale


Wind Energy

     The backbone of our generation portfolio, wind energy continues to provide long term reliable power while integration of H2 insure we deliver both electricity and gas to our utiltieis. 



     A vertically integrated solution for biofuels from farm to transmission, we develop energy faciltiies and operate growing centers and invasive species control programs globally to insure a reliable long term supply of fuel stock.

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solar photovoltaic

With the dramatic decline in equipment cost complimented by increased efficiencies, our expanded developments in solar are delivering affordable electricity with rapid deployment times. 

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Fuel Cells

     Complimenting the move into energy storage with Fuel Cells we can replace the need for thermal power balancing and insure reliable energy storage during periods of extreme weather events curtailing wind and solar operations. 

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     Focused on existing dam, run of river and environmentally friendly zones our installations deliver reliable baseload power at an affordable rate.


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waste to energy

     Addressing municipal solid waste streams by, ur state of the art processing centers separate organics for repurpose into soil and fertilizer while operating high tech boiler, heat recovery and particulate capture to provide safe alternatives to waste disposal.

Clean Water

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Agricultural Supply

     Farmers continue to face rising and variable costs while meeting increasing consumer and regulatory demands.  By targeting a top 5 cost input: water, we can directly improve farm economics while reducing risk with ongoing and adequate supplies of water.  To achieve this, Lamplighters investments address the hydrologic life cycle installing systems to compliment the environment addressing the source, distribution and irrigation as an integrated ecosystem. 

     Innovative finance tools and co-operative structures develop an ongoing partnership with farmers insuring a reliable supply   

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Waste Water Processing

     Methane (CH4) is rated as contributing 21x more than carbon to global climate change making it one of the most destructive impacts to our environment.  With an annual estimated emissions of 8,586 million metric tonnes from human waste water alone, enough to supply clean fuel to over 13 million cars a year it presents an opportunity as well. 

     Using an integrative approach the focuses on capturing the methane gas and repurposing into electricity while cleaning waste water supplies to be used in the energy lifecycle we are reducing both the human and energy's impact on the environment.  This combined value makes it cost effective to upgrade existing facilities as well as bring waste water treatment to communities currently lacking service.                                                       

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Ocean  Water Desal

   Making access to water affordable and safe for the environment.  Lamplighter Energy's integrated design directly resolves issues of high cost, carbon emissions, reef protection.

     By combining solar PV with solar thermal this two stage process is able to generate cost effective sources of primary water.  Post treatment of resulting brine solution insures use of all water collected and 100% of salt is captured to be repurposed into industrial and consumer products without ocean discharge.

Carbon Neutral.  Ocean Friendly. 

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Hydrogen Fuel