Idea Lab

>> field development program

     Our experience has shown that the best concepts originate in the field.  Working out your solution often requires time in a market to resolve real world delivery and technical challenges, localization, or a clearer understanding the transitions: concept--prototype--deploy.  

     Field development funding is made available in conjunction with work currently underway in select markets and awardees will work alongside staff.

>> commercialization: parallel installations  

     Crossing this chasm from prototype to financeable solution is often the death nail for new concepts.  We resolve this by creating opportunities that allow new systems to operate in parallel with existing technology in live installations.  Benchmarking, performance tracking and field maintenance are often resolved at this stage allowing teams to scale new solutions with bank financing.

>> design grants

     Not all concepts are physical; developing solutions to market challenges , Select grants are made available for process, technical and financial design.  Along with funding, awardees are provided access to a mentor and business operational teams to insure solutions can be implemented.   Design grants are often award based and intended to spur competitive idea generation.


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real time field #reports 

risk mitigation analysis

H2 Powered Speed Boat

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A note on funding:

     While we wish we could help everyone our resources are focused on projects aligned with our initiatives.  Please be sure your request matches our goals and philosophy: application of proven technology to scale the use carbon neutral solutions.

     We do not fund: research concepts or studies, corporate operations/debt, markeing or real estate.