Incubating Energy Solutions

Malama Ulu

Reforest, Protect & Rebuild Western Molokai


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now."

                                -Ancient Chinese Proverb


Preservation of Open Spaces

     With over 30,000 acres of invasive plants open spaces on the west end a significant investment is required to:

  • Replant Native Species
  • Stop Soil Erosion
  • Restore the Aquifer
  • Protect Limu & Native Fish
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diversified agriculture

     The Malama Ulu Master Plan is focused on a 20 year process to redevelop the agricultural resources of Molokai to the historic breadbasket of Hawaii.  By investing in our people and developing variety of affordable farm sites to rebuild our legacy and community.

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community development

     Reestablishing the agricultural economy of Molokai with investments to support farmers with: 

  • Land, Supplies & Equipment
  • Food Safety & Processing
  • Market/Product Development
  • Training & Development

Community Guidance

     Over the last 16 months we've been working with members of the community to develop a framework that allows the community to participate directly in the planning/implementation of:

Cultural Heritage Preservation

'Aina & Makai Resource Management

Community Reinvestment Program

As we finalize our work we will begin to reach out to schedule formal meetings.  Util that time we encourage everyone to particpate in the conversation via the facebook group: Kokua Molokai.

Rebuilding Fish Ponds: preserving our way of life

Rebuilding Fish Ponds: preserving our way of life

Cultural Heritage preservation

     Preserving our way of life requires reversing years of neglect and restricted access.  The community is encouraged to work directly with staff to balance operations with the safety of the community to access sit

  • Identification, Protection & Preservation of Historic Sites
  • Open Access to Natural Resources, 
  • Planning & Supporting Community Events
  • Rebuilding Lo'i & Fishponds

'aina & Makai resource management

     For community members with an interest in our natural resources, by working with staff to guide the development and implementation of programs focsed on:

  • Stop Erosion & Protect Our Reefs
  • Game Management & Safe Hunting Access
  • Rebuild Community Facilities: Camp Sites, Ocean Access, Emergency Centers
  • Invasive Species Removal and Native Reforestation
Insuring open access, resource & game management.

Insuring open access, resource & game management.

Diversified agriculture investments, direct community support.

Diversified agriculture investments, direct community support.

community reinvestment program

     CRP works directly with staff to survey the community and implement programs that benefit preserving our long term way of life.  CRP funds are focused for:

  • Business Investments: Supporting the Entrepreneur
  • Infrastructure Investment: Facilities, Business Services, Ag Support
  • Education, Training & Development
  • Social Care (Housing, Food & Energy)
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"In One Generation

We can preserve our way of life, Rebuild our natural resources, Replant our native species, In One Generation, but it takes a generation and our community."

                                                            -R.A. DeRosa