Incubating Energy Solutions

powering 1.2 billion together

     In 2013 we began our work in villages by delivering solar lanterns and brought light to off grid communities.  A year later, although having light brought a difference to peoples lives, it didn't transform them... 

Back to the drawing board we installed individual solar panels with batteries.  Same problem, making a difference but minimal lasting effect…

A SCALEABLE and SUSTAINABLE solution is needed.

     We realized, to truly alleviate poverty, address issues in education, health care and all the benefits energy brings, we must address Full Utility Services in these communities:

Energy.  Water.  Fuel

     By focusing on delivering a full suite of utility services to communities that show the economic fundamentals for success, we provide a solution to meets the human need. With a proven way to identify successful communities (aka: underwriting) we’re now:


     Opening up new sources of investment capital and insuring scaleability to meet global growth.


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clean energy: 24 X 7 x 365

   Electricity, both scaleable and flexible, balancing both impoverished homes and village industry demands.

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clean water & waste Processing

Inbound: water is collected, processed and delivered to communities. 

Outbound:  waste removed, processed and energy value recovered.

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cooking fuel: carbon free & Safe

     Shifting from collecting wood & water women are empowered to contribute to their local economies and become a part of the projects serving in Operations & Maintenance roles. 

     Removing solid fuels from the kitchen results in a direct measurable benefit of increasing home health.

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Developing A Funding Solution:

In partnership with in country developers and village leaders, Lamplighter has developed an underwriting model to finance communities lacking traditional finance requirements but who have proven indicators of success. Implementing a financing mechanism that can be replicated increasing the available funding for projects globally.

Our first initiatives will be completed through corporate bonds directly funding funding new projects; insuring a benefit to the community with a measurable track record and corporate accountability. We anticipate the release of the first of these bonds in 2019. To be notified of updates please sign up here>> .


Keys to Success...


Lamplighter VMG Microgrid Tool Suite

fully integrated local utility

      By providing comprehensive energy services as designed with the community, we measure success by tracking economic, health and welfare benefits: 

  • Providing a full suite of services: energy, water, fuel & waste processing

  • Designed to meet the needs of demand/load growth

  • Power pricing designed to serve variable users

  • Locally developed, installed and maintained

Focused Community engagement & support

     Beginning with community engagement, meetings and surveys installations are designed to provide both the needs and goals of the members of the community resulting in:  

  • Development of locally owned project developers

  • Training of local operations & maintenance staff for woman lead

  • Micro financing allowing community to fully benefit from utility services

2016 Technical Session Myanmar

2016 Technical Session Myanmar

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measurable Impacts

Quality of Life

  • Equal employment

  • Access to education

  • Domestic infrastructure

Environmental Protection

  • Ending the use of solid/carbon fuels

  • Processing waste & waste water


  • Improved indoor air quality 

  • Power to health centers

  • Access to clean water

Economic Value

  • Increasing access to markets

  • Value added products.